Mission Statement

To build on the cornerstones of "Professionalism", "Quality", "Responsibleness", "Safeness", "Eco-Friendly" and "Innovation".

To focus on innovative manufacturing techniques and strengthen links to the global community.

To grow into a global enterpriseand in turn reduce deforestation.

To protect the natural ecosystem.



Since 1990, TLM's steadfast commitment and sheer perseverance in spite of innumerable setbacks finally culminated in the discovery of a unique papermaking technology – one which supersedes the traditional method of using wood pulp – to produce a truly unique and eco-friendly tree-free paper. Indeed, our materials are manufactured without the need to fell trees, without water pollution and without harmful gaseous wastes. We refer to this new material collectively as "Stone Composite Material", "LM Stone Paper" or "Stone Paper" for short. LM Stone Paper is accredited with a number of manufacturing technology patents, design patents as well as internationally recognised certifications including cradle to cradle, red dot design etc. 

In August 1998, the process to setup a manufacturing facility including the purchase of land, construction of buildings, assembling of machines and equipments as well as carryout of numerous trial tests all started... Proudly today, Taiwan Lung Meng Advanced Composite Materials Co., Ltd. mass produce quality and affordable Stone Composite Materials.