Stone Composite Corrugated Box-Stone Composite Corrugated Box

The housing economy has exploded. Taiwan’s online shopping uses more than 1 million packaging boxes (bags) a year and generates 1.8 tons of packaging waste.In order to eliminate the problem of excessive waste of online shopping packaging, through innovative thinking, a new environmentally friendly packaging material recycling system has been created.


💎 Printing method suitable for waterproof stone corrugated material💎 

Simply put, the printing methods suitable for PP hollow boards are suitable for waterproof stone corrugated materials! 

The corrugated cardboard made of stone composite material (stone paper) is then made into a saury box, which can replace the corrugated cardboard box of the cold chain.The video is the actual result of testing the actual sailing to the port! 

For vegetables, fruit boxes, stone corrugated boxes are not afraid of tape tearing and damage.And can be folded and stored after cleaning, not afraid of insects and other breeding.When needed, it can be folded into a box for use.It can be reused in the consumer segment (ReUse), which is more environmentally friendly.