Eco-Friendly Manufacturing

Stone Composite Material (SCM) or better known as Stone Paper can be used to replace cultural paper, craft paper, packaging paper, household paper etc. With waterproof, moisture-proof, moth proof, oil-resistant features, this non toxic material has diverse applications.

Assuming the same manufacturing capacity, compared to pulp paper mill, a Stone Paper mill is more competitive in the following ways:

  1. Lower raw material costs by 5% and;

  2. Lower capital investment costs by 5%.

Forecasted to replace 4% (20 million tons) of the global wood pulp and paper market with a total annual output of 8,000 million tons. A selling price of NT$3 per ton, a conservative estimate, equates to substituting market output value of NT$2.4 trillion. Stone papermaking technology is maturing and subjected to continuous innovations. This year (2019), in conjunction with the Bureau of Industry offering a subsidy program of NT$2,451 million for intelligentization, TLM advances towards the 3rd generation of process innovation to further enlarge production capacity, improve quality and broaden market applications.