Environmental Mission

No Need to Fell Trees

Traditional papermaking begins by beating wood into wood pulp and requires further and complex manufacturing processes to produce into paper. On average, a ton of pulp paper requires the felling of 20 trees. Hence, the more pulp paper we use, the more trees need to be cut down. In contrast, in just a few decades, Lung Meng has developed new papermaking technology without the need to fell trees, innovating papermaking technics that has remained fixed for more than a thousand year!

Natural resources are limited. Large consumption limited resources will bring about severe climate changes. Lung Meng’s new papermaking technology is an alternative to alleviate the destruction of rainforests. Technology can lead us to a brighter future!

No Water Pollution

A key motivation to the design of LM's ingenious waterless papermaking technology comes from the passion LM has towards protecting the environment. Unlike traditional papermaking methods, LM's papermaking methods does not require copious amounts of precious water to rid of the acid, alkali and bleaching agents which are used extensively in traditional paper manufacturing process. By taking measures to not involve water in the papermaking process, LM has taken a significant step in its mission to be Eco-Friendly.

No Air Pollution

LM's papermaking processes does not emit toxic gas. As prevention is better than solution, designing a production process to prevent discharge of toxic gas in the first place is clearly the more efficient and effective method than having to manage the toxic gas later.