On-site mechanical repairman

Job nature: full-time

Demand number: 1 to 2 people

Job category:Electrical engineering technicians, electrical decorators, agricultural and industrial machinery decorators

Job description:

1. Check the faulty machinery and related equipment to determine the cause of the fault.
2. Disassemble the equipment to be repaired and take out the damaged or worn parts.
3. Repair or replace parts.
4. Assemble the parts and perform necessary processing.
5. Test the repaired equipment and make necessary adjustments.
6. Able to work overtime for emergency repairs, and have experience in mechanical maintenance.

Work treatment: Monthly salary26,000 yuan ~ 32,000 yuan

Work location: No. 24, Beishizhou, Mingheli, Shanshang District, Tainan City (Shanshang Industrial Zone)

Management responsibilities:No need to bear management responsibilities

Business trip:No need to travel

Working hours:Day shift, evening shift, shift required

Holiday System: Two days off a week

Working conditions

Accepted status: office worker

work experience : Whatever

Academic requirements : High school, college, university

Department requirements : Industrial skills and mechanical disciplines, engineering disciplines

Application method:

Position contact person: Miss Wu

Position E-mail: hr@taiwanlm.com