On-site personnel

Job nature: full-time

Number of people required: 1 to 10 people

Job category: Operator/Packer, Plastic Injection Technician, Pre-press Production/Printing Technician

Job description:

1. Those who can cope with the 12-hour (including rest time) shift work schedule are preferred.

2. Plastic injection, automobile, sheet metal, mechanical maintenance and processing related experience is preferred.

3. Those who can cooperate with the company's technical output to send out foreign supporters are better.

Work treatment: Monthly salary 26,000 yuan ~ 40,000 yuan 

Work location: No. 24, Beishizhou, Mingheli, Shanshang District, Tainan City (Shanshang Industrial Zone)

Management responsibilities:No need to bear management responsibilities

Business trip:No need to travel

Working hours:Day shift, evening shift, shift required

Holiday System: Two days off a week

Accepted status:Office worker, Graduates  

work experience : Whatever

Academic requirements : Whatever

Department requirements : Whatever

Application method :

Position contact person: Miss Wu

Position E-mail: hr@taiwanlm.com