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【Taiwan Lung Meng Advanced Composite Materials Co., Ltd.】

▶ The Tesla in the Paper Industry!

Transforming the paper making process that has been stagnant for thousands of years, we have developed an ingenious new paper making technology which is eco-friendly and accredited with various certifications and awards.

▶ The World's Leading Stone Paper Manufacturer!

Accumulating decades of experience, reform and developments we have achieved a patented product which we sell all over the world.

▶ The Only Stone Paper Production Chain in the World!

Lung Meng is the world's only Stone Paper factory with standardized protocols setup to harmonize R&D, manufacturing, sales and services.

▶ An Investment that is Environmentally Friendly

Despite the Sino-US trade war, circular economy issues, and stricter regulations on pollution, the out put of Taiwan's eco-friendly industry continues to increase year after year, reaching a record high in 2020.

Output value of Taiwan's environmental protection industry

(Source: Research and study on eco-friendly businesses, compiled from the Financial Statistics Database of the Ministry of Finance)

Investing in eco-friendly companies is the way. Lung Meng has relentlessly focused on the environment and is first to obtain "Cradle to Cradle" silver and environmental certification in Taiwan!

▶ High barriers to entry. Over 22 years of experience and team. Leading by more than 5years. !

We are leading the industry by more than 5 years! With continuous R&D and innovation, only Lung Meng can surpass Lung Meng.





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▶ The Paper Unicorn

▶ Plan for 2023 public release

▶ The implied land value will exceed 40 yuan per share